About Us


The Hernando County Fine Arts Council grew out of the efforts of a number of artists in Hernando and surrounding counties. In 1982, these artists formed the Tri-County Professional Art League and began the very first Art in the Park Festival in 1984 as a way to display their work. A continued need to support artists and the arts resulted in the creation of the Hernando County Fine Arts council on April 21, 1987, by the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners. The Arts Council is made up of 15 highly energized and dedicated volunteers who are appointed by the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners for four-year terms.

Our mission

To encourage, promote, and support all the creative arts in Hernando County and to provide a means to showcase the arts.

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thE Brooksville Mural Society

The Brooksville Mural Society, Inc. was formed March 28, 2001.  The general purpose for the corporation was to “Enhance the cultural and educational development of the residents of the city of Brooksville and Hernando County through the creation, development and promotion of murals and other public artworks of regional and historical significance.”  Six historical murals were created through the efforts of the Mural Society. When the Society disbanded in 2012, it turned the rights to the images, and the maintenance and the promotion of the murals over to the Hernando County Fine Arts Council.