Art in the Park Participating Fine Arts & Fine Crafts Information and Application

Application Instructions

Note: Original Artwork Only

1. Fees:
FINE ART – $175
(Includes $25 jury fee)

2. So our jury committee can determine if the category in which you have selected to be judged for prize money is appropriate, you must include one image of your booth and at least three images representative of the artwork you will be displaying.

3. Your application may be submitted online using the form below or mailed to us at:
Hernando County Fine Arts Council
Post Office Box 1265
Brooksville, FL 34601

4. Acceptance or rejection letters will be sent within two weeks of receipt. If mailed, include a #10 self addressed stamped envelope.

5. It is the policy of the Arts Council to comply with ADA accessibility requirements. Please identify your ADA needs on the application form and be prepared to produce documentation upon request.

6. Security will be provided from 7 pm to 7 am Friday and Saturday.

Awards Schedule

We have thirteen awards totaling $5000 that will be handed out at the 36th Annual Art in the Park.

Best in Show - $1000

Fine Craft

  • 1st place - $550

  • 2nd place - $350

  • 3rd place - 2 at $200 each

  • Honorable mention - 2 at $100 each

Fine Art

  • 1st place - $850

  • 2nd place - $650

  • 3rd place - 2 at $350 each

  • Honorable mention - 2 at $100 each

Art in the Park Basic Rules of Participation

Please read the following carefully. Failure to comply with the Basic Rules will disqualify you from participation in Art In The Park.

1. This is a juried fine art and craft show. All work displayed must be original and solely attributable to the single displaying artist who must be present during the entire show.
NO kit jewelry, ceramics cast from molds, etc. is allowed.

2. Upon arrival, artists MUST CHECK IN to receive their booth assignments. Registration and booth set-up will be Friday, March 13th from 8 am till dark. All spaces are pre-assigned and FINAL. All displays must be neat and orderly with tables skirted and any items not for sale must be out of sight. Setup complete by 9:30 am on Saturday. Water is not available. Electrical connections only if pre-arranged on your application.

3. Exhibitors must prominently display the ID card provided by council. Participants may NOT display awards or ribbons from other shows.

4. List ADA accessibility needs on application, and show documentation upon arrival.

5. By City ordinance, animals and pets are NOT allowed in the park. Service animals only.

6. Exhibitors are responsible for collection of Florida sales tax.

7. All awards are at the sole discretion of the judges. Judging will begin at 10 am on Saturday, and if possible, ribbons will be presented mid-afternoon. Cash awards and certificates will be awarded at 4 pm Sunday. Awardees must be present at the awards ceremony to receive awards.

8. The Council reserves the right to ask artist not complying with the stated rules to remove their exhibit with forfeiture of all fees.

9. Exhibitor fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Emergencies will be considered only on a case-by-case basis for a partial refund.

Artist Application for AITP - March 14 & 15, 2020

There are three parts to the application. After you press the SUBMIT button, you will automatically be directed to the payment page.

Contact Information
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Exhibitor Information
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Upload Photos of your booth and work.
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Acceptance of Terms and Release *
The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge the Hernando County Fine Arts Council (HCFAC) and the City of Brooksville, Florida, of and from all matters of actions, suits, and damages, claims and loss or damage to the undersigned property while in possession, supervision, or auspices of the Hernando County Fine Arts Council and/or the City of Brooksville, its agents, representatives or employees. I declare that all of the work I am displaying is solely my own original work of art, and I understand that, if in the sole opinion of the festival committee it is not, I will be required to remove my work with forfeiture of all application fees and prize money, if any. I agree to abide by the Art in the Park rules and understand that the Hernando County Fine Arts Council reserves the right to make the final determination of all rules. I understand that uncivil behavior or breach of professional decorum will be cause for immediate expulsion from festival grounds. I hereby grant the HCFAC permission to use my likeness and artwork in a photograph, video, or other digital media (“photo”) in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration. I understand and agree that all photos will become the property of the HCFAC and will not be returned. I have read and agree to abide by the Basic Rules and the Acceptance of Terms & Release. *

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Download and mail in your Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibitor Application.

Remit with your fees to:
Hernando County Fine Arts Council
P.O. Box 1265 Brooksville, FL 34605

Art in the Park questions? Contact Jan Knowles, 352-279-5182 (cell) or