Saturday Stroll Down Old Brooksville Avenue Mural


Maurea Sleesman

30 Liberty Street, Brooksville, FL 34601

Building Name
Breedlove, Dennis & Associates (BDA) Environmental Consultants

The mural is on Brooksville Avenue, facing the water tower.

Mural Creation Sponsors
James and Anna Covell

Photo Credit: Photographs on this page are the property of John H. Cornell, Jr. and can be used by the Hernando County Fine Arts Council. Any other use of the photographs must have his permission (

Brooksville’s First Mural

This was Brooksville’s very first mural. This was a difficult design for the artist because she had to work three large windows into the design. Maurea incorporated the neighborhood cats and her dog, which waited patiently while his mistress spent a long hot summer painting the mural. The artist incorporated much of the research she had done at the Hernando Historical Museum Association –the wrought iron benches and flower holders, and a box of oranges from the local Bell Fruit Company.  The first local paper –The Brooksville Register – dated Nov. 16, 1890, is rolled under the gentleman’s arm and the artist used the columns of the newspaper to list those budding artists who chose to help the artist paint the mural. Also, the huge cat peeking out the window belonged to building owner John Covell.